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Power of dreaming

We all love to dream – dreaming of the perfect life, perfect love, or even that perfect cup of espresso in the morning. Or do we? Last two years have been devastating for the world and for the individuals living in it. As a doctor, I watched first hand as it unfolded and seeped into…

Intentional living and Magick

When life gets dizzyingly busy, I often find myself reverting to Autopilot mode, where I mindlessly go about my days, waking up in the morning, going to work, coming back home, eat, sleep, repeat. While Autopilot mode can be necessary at times, I do find myself spiritually depleted after awhile. This can lead to low…

Toxicity of “be the best” culture

“When you show up to those evaluation meetings, I want you to show up like a star athlete, wanting to improve in every way possible. We want you to become the best doctor there ever was.” This was the response of an education specialist when asked how can residents cope with being constantly scrutinized and…

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