Power of dreaming

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

We all love to dream – dreaming of the perfect life, perfect love, or even that perfect cup of espresso in the morning. Or do we?

Last two years have been devastating for the world and for the individuals living in it. As a doctor, I watched first hand as it unfolded and seeped into every corner of our existence, from the hospitals to our everyday lives.

With the pandemic slowing down, I started to dream again. I started dreaming of saving money and time to enjoy the little luxuries in life, such as going out for food, or even buying that bag that I always wanted. I started daring to think about travel again, thinking of a destination, although I am not yet ready to think about the logistics of actually getting there. I even bought a few nice things for myself that are for – yes, I dare say it – special occasions and “going out”. I started making plans to save up for my next dream item, starting a vision board again, going to Pinterest.

I started having a dream for a future.

Today, I took a pause to realize how lucky I am, to be in a position where I can dream AND take active steps towards achieving it. I took the privilege of dreaming for granted in so many years of my life, not realizing that many are not as lucky. And THIS, this was the ultimate luxury.

Just a few weeks ago, my life seemed so hopeless, so full of scarcity everywhere – of connection, finance, access to nature, time, energy, peace of mind, etc etc. What was stopping me from dreaming then?

Dreaming costs nothing – the light at the end of the tunnel can come from within us. Gratitude attracts abundance. One cannot attract or achieve a goal that does not exist.

I wish you a day/ week full of dreams and inspiration my dear friends. Stay safe and be well.

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