Power of dreaming

We all love to dream – dreaming of the perfect life, perfect love, or even that perfect cup of espresso in the morning. Or do we? Last two years have been devastating for the world and for the individuals living in it. As a doctor, I watched first hand as it unfolded and seeped intoContinue reading “Power of dreaming”

Take ownership of your healing

The sickness role is a psychological concept that we give to patients to help them recognize the fact that they are NOT to blame for having an illness. Being ill is NOT something to be ashamed of, something to apologize for, and they are certainly not responsible for being sick. Unfortunately, some people have misunderstoodContinue reading “Take ownership of your healing”

Manifesting success – switching from external to internal

What is your definition of success? Throughout my life until more recently, I used to evaluate success based on external measures, such as how much money I make, the impact factor of journals I published in, how many articles I produced in a year, etc etc. As I started achieving some of those “successes”, IContinue reading “Manifesting success – switching from external to internal”

Culture of incompetence

Culture of incompetence is a phrase that us, as resident doctors, came up to describe certain hospitals that have a culture that encourages a passive form of incompetence by discouraging productive change. This does not mean that they encourage residents to make mistakes or to be incompetent in a general sense. Rather, it means thatContinue reading “Culture of incompetence”

Season of the witch

I wake up and see warm orange sunlight filtering through the clouds. I see my chestnut tree’s softly yellow leaves dancing in the wind. The season of the witch is upon us. I am a September child. My husband and brother are also autumn children. September is therefore a sentimentally and spiritually meaningful season forContinue reading “Season of the witch”

Witness to suffering

As a doctor, a lot of the care that I provide has nothing to do with prescribing medications or performing procedures. Sure, they form a significant part of my training and my day to day work. However, there are also many times where all I can provide for the patients is my presence, to beContinue reading “Witness to suffering”

Sitting with your feelings

I was reading “Maybe you should talk to someone” by the brilliant Lori Gottlieb this morning just before work, my little morning ritual, when one message really struck me: it is horribly difficult to sit with one’s own feelings, even for psychotherapists. I am no psychotherapist, but as a doctor, I always ask patients toContinue reading “Sitting with your feelings”


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