Season of the witch

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I wake up and see warm orange sunlight filtering through the clouds. I see my chestnut tree’s softly yellow leaves dancing in the wind.

The season of the witch is upon us.

I am a September child. My husband and brother are also autumn children. September is therefore a sentimentally and spiritually meaningful season for me.

Autumn never fails to stir something deeply magickal inside of all of us. Besides being the harvest season, it is not surprising that throughout pagan history in many different cultures, this time of the year was associated thinning of the veil, spirituality, and magick. I do believe that as humans, we respond strongly to this fantastical time of the year. As the wheel of the year turns, we turn inwards towards ourselves, become introspective, and prepare our body and mind for the long winter.

You may be wondering why I have not posted since late May. During summer, my practice and altar largely move to the great outdoors. I worship by walking on the beach and feeling the harmony between the elements of air and water. I collect beautiful fossils and gemstones that have washed up on shore. I admire the beauty and bounty of nature and feel the presence of the divine. My altar becomes the forest, the ocean, the little happy flowers lining the marshlands of my neighborhood.

As the seasons turn and the leaves turn gold, red, and brown, my altar returns to my home. I start decorating my home and altar to welcome Mabon – especially meaningful this year as my husband’s birthday falls on the harvest moon – and Samhain, every witch’s favorite holiday. I buy my favorite beeswax candles, bring out the colorful pumpkins, and fertilize my garden to prepare it for the oncoming winter hibernation.

I become more introspective and turn inward towards myself. I reflect on the past, present and future. My hobbies slowly change from hiking, swimming, foraging, and photography to painting, reading, and writing. I send my thanks to another beautiful summer in the sun, and look forward to the foliage, then snow and silence of fall and winter.

I noticed that more of you are reading my blogs! I am deeply grateful to you for allowing me to share this journey with you. May you have a bountiful harvest and a beautiful autumn, my friends.